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    Many friends will find out that their Samoyed female dog is pregnant by accident. When they are happy, how to feed and care for the pregnant Samoyed female dog? Generally speaking, there are three stages for feeding pregnant samoyes. The following will give you a detailed introduction of these three stages.
    1. The first stage of nursing pregnant Samoyed female dog: The first stage is the first stage when the first trimester is 0-1 month, also known as the first trimester. At this time, because the female Samoye is just pregnant, she is very delicate. Like human beings, she must avoid strenuous exercise at this time. Otherwise, the female Samoye dog is very easy to miscarry. Dog owners don’t need to prepare too many delicacies to supplement the Samoye female dog during this period, such as too much meat and eggs. Generally speaking, it’s OK to maintain the normal feeding level. Because at this time, the dog baby can’t absorb too much nutrition. If the dog is fed too much food, the nutrition will be absorbed by the Samoyed female dog. If the dog owner doesn’t let the dog exercise properly, the dog will be prone to dystocia, because it is too fat, and the nutrition is excessive.
    2. The second stage of nursing pregnant Samoyed female dog: The growth period is 1-1.5 months, which is the growth period, because the Samoyed puppy begins to take shape in the mother’s stomach day by day. At this time, you can give the dog mother a proper supplement, such as an appropriate increase in the amount of meat, eggs, yogurt, but pay attention to the right amount. 20% – 50% more than usual. The reason is very simple, the puppy absorbs too much nutrients, it will become very fat, and it is not easy for the dog to produce. At the same time, the dog began to urinate frequently, and pay attention to take pregnant Samoyed dogs out for more walks to reduce the accumulation of nutrients.
    3. The third stage of nursing pregnant Samoyed female: The mature period is from one and a half months to the end of two months, which is the last time before the birth of Samoyed – mature period. You can see very clearly that the Samoyed female dog is about to give birth, because the mother’s stomach has become very round. In about 50-60 days, you can already feel the Samoyed dog playing in the mother’s stomach, moving. At this time, you must pay attention to control the diet of the Samoyed female dog, and do not feed too much food to the Samoyed, because the Samoyed dog is very prone to dystocia, eating too much can only make the dog grow too large, which increases the difficulty of the female Samoyed production.

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