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    Oral problems can not be underestimated, whether it is people or dogs may have oral problems. Slight halitosis and yellow teeth will occur, while serious oral problems will lead to oral diseases, affect normal appetite, and affect the health and growth of life. In the process of raising St. Bernard, we should brush his teeth in time, help him clean his mouth and do a good job in dental care.

    The main way to care for the St. Bernard’s teeth is to brush his teeth in time and clean the calculus and tartar in his mouth. Moreover, the training of St. Bernard’s teeth brushing should start from childhood, and the habit of brushing should be developed from childhood, so that the dog will not be rejected when growing up, and at the same time, it can better protect the health of light mouth. To brush Saint Bernard’s teeth, first of all, we should find a way to stabilize his mood, so that he can remain motionless when brushing his teeth. Imagine that St. Bernard is a “big thing” with a big body. If it is not willing to brush its teeth, it will be difficult for parents to brush its teeth. Therefore, it is very important to train the St. Bernard dog to brush his teeth and calm his emotions before brushing his teeth. In the early days before brushing the St. Bernard’s teeth, you can choose to use soft gauze and wrap it around your injury to gently clean his teeth.

    After the dog receives brushing, he can brush his teeth with professional pet toothbrush and toothpaste. These tools are easy to buy. They are available in pet shops. Note that if conditions and time permit, it’s better to brush Saint Bernard’s teeth about three times a week. In addition to timely brushing the dog’s teeth to maintain oral health, we should pay attention to scientific diet in our daily life. For example, prepare some crispy food for dogs, which can better reduce the residue on teeth and gums. In addition, it can also prepare some glue and bone for Saint Bernard dogs, and can wean the dog’s teeth. It can clean the calculus and tartar, which is a very good way to care for the health of Saint Bernard’s teeth.

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