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    When the Samoyed dogs are replaced in spring and autumn every year, there will be normal hair loss. Sometimes when you touch her body with both hands, you will stick some white hair. Because Samoye is a long haired dog, it will be particularly obvious when changing hair. It should be noted that scientific nursing must be carried out during the hair changing period of Samoyed. If you are unfortunately infected with skin diseases, the consequences will be very serious.

    The first step of Samoye hair changing care: Make sure to comb at least once or twice a day, which is also the first step of cleaning the dog. Choose a pet hair comb to clean the hair off the skin. At the same time, simply remove the dust and dirt from the hair and keep the Samoyed dog clean. (note that the dog’s hair in the family environment should also be cleaned in time)

    The second step of Samoye hair changing care: After combing the hair for Samoye, use the electrostatic brush or sticky roller to walk on the dog once, and many floating hairs can be glued down. At the same time, use a vacuum cleaner to clean the hair under the bed or in the corner.

    The third step of Samoye hair changing care: Prepare more high protein and vitamin foods for Samoye dogs in the diet. Because, the growth of dog hair is inseparable from these nutrients. In their spare time, parents can take the dog out for sunbathing, massage the dog’s body, help promote the dog’s blood circulation, and promote the growth of new hair.

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