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    In order to prevent the disease of spaniel’s facial features caused by uncleanness, the tartar and earwax should be removed for him every once in a while, and the eyes should be washed with light salt water. At ordinary times, we should often pay attention to whether it is abnormal in eating, sleeping, walking and other activities, and whether it is abnormal in mental state. If it is found to be sick, it should be treated in time.

    Spaniel’s chest, abdomen and legs are covered with long and dense hairs, which are often dragged on the ground. If not combed frequently, it will stick with dust and dirt, and even form a clump, which will not only affect the beauty, but also be affected by the bacteria. In addition to using a brush or comb words to brush and coat it every day, we also need to take a bath for it for a period of time, which can be washed by water or dry cleaning.

    The dry cleaning method is: spray talcum powder or conditioner first, and then brush it gently from the root to the tip of the coat with a comb several times, so as to keep the coat soft and fluffy, and prevent the growth of lice in the hair, so as to make it healthy and lively.

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