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    Daily care of long haired dogs. If hair knots are found, do not use your hands to scratch the hair. Instead, use a needle to comb it away. Easy to knot hair can be used to open knot comb and junction spray.

    Comb can select handle comb, then select row comb. Of course, it must be very tiring. In the autumn and winter season, we can use anti static spray and hair moisturizing. Pay attention to comb the hair layer by layer from the inside. In this way, it will not hurt the hair or the dog, and it is also convenient to check the dog’s skin. On the market, there is a kind of hair oil, also called nutritive oil, which can add nutrition to the dog’s hair.

    The method to hair. First of all, you can choose salmon food for dogs or buy some salmon oil for dogs to take regularly and quantitatively, which can not only nourish but also increase the dog’s hair. Proper cutting can also promote hair growth. Of course, pay attention to whether your dog is allergic to salmon. Many dogs are allergic to fish.

    Prevent dogs from going to unclean water area. If you go to play, you must take a bath in time to prevent insects or bacteria from hiding in the long hair.

    It is very important to wash the dog. The dog can’t take a bath often. If he goes out to walk the dog, he can wash once every 14 days and 20 days. The skin resistance of dogs who often bathe will decrease, and the skin diseases will make the hair lose luster. Before taking a bath, you should do carding to prevent knots, and then choose the right wool washing products. It is suggested that you first choose the trial product to find the right washing product for your dog before buying a large bottle.

    If you have a white haired dog, you need to whiten and moisten both kinds of hair. If you often use whitening, it will damage your hair. In fact, if your dog’s gene is a white haired dog, you will not get yellow if you do a good job in daily nutrition care. It is OK to use whitening occasionally. It can also be used medicinally and in summer to prevent insects and skin diseases. After washing the hair, you must use hair care element, which can prevent knots and dust.

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