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    How to change dog food? A lot of friends buy new dog food and give it directly to their dogs, which is wrong. When changing food for dogs, don’t change all of it into new dog food at once: you should mix the new and old dog food, and make a gradual transition according to the proportion, which is right. The specific operations are as follows: for example, add 10% new dog food on the first day, 20% on the second day, and replace 30% on the third day…. slowly increase the weight of new dog food and reduce the weight of old dog food. It will be replaced in about 7-10 days.
    In this way, the dog’s digestive system can adapt, otherwise it is easy to diarrhea. In addition, when changing dog food, observe the poop! Take feeding puppies three times a day as an example, pulling 3-4 times for defecation, and the soft and hard Baba is moderate, so the feeding amount is appropriate. If the poop is soft, some of it is not formed, and the dog excretes more times, that is to say, it is fed more, and the amount should be reduced properly.

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