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    Although we do not advocate changing food for dogs all the time, if dogs are fed the same taste of dog food for a long time, sooner or later they will be disgusted with it. So after a dog has been eating the same food for a long time, we can try to change its taste. So how to change food for dogs, we need to pay attention to the fact that dogs’ intestines and stomachs are relatively fragile, so we can’t change food at once.

    The dog has its habits and hobbies, and has a period of adaptation to new food. When the food changes, the type and quantity of enzymes in the dog’s digestive tract also need to be adjusted adaptively to adapt to this change. Generally speaking, this adjustment takes 2-3 days. So don’t change or change your dog’s eating habits. If the food is changed suddenly, there will be two situations: one is the good taste of food, which is suitable for the dog’s hobby; the dog will eat a lot, especially the puppies, which will cause vomiting and diarrhea; if the treatment is not as weak as the adult body, it will often cause death; the other is that the dog does not like eating, which affects the dog’s health.

    The correct way to change food is: at the beginning, the main food is the original food, adding a small amount of new food, gradually increasing new food later, reducing the original food, until all new food is consumed. Changing food is a kind of stress reaction for dogs. When dogs are weak, sick, after surgery or other stress factors exist, it is not suitable to change food in a hurry to avoid the serious influence of multiple factors on dogs. Generally, when a friend who often eats dog food changes another new dog food for his dog, he should pay attention to these problems. If he often makes food for his dog, it is not a problem. But the self-made dog food friends should pay attention to the balanced nutrition, otherwise the dog is easy to get sick.

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