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    Rajah Cichlasoma has the majestic and majestic King momentum, gorgeous and attractive colors, and extremely humanized and lovely shape, which has won the favor of everyone. As the saying goes, “raise fish first, raise water”. The most important thing for both novices and veterans is the water quality. Many friends have no idea how to change the water for Rajah Cichlasoma, so no matter how to raise Rajah Cichlasoma, they can’t get out of good condition. The following page network on the combination of a large number of fish on the experience of the predecessors, following will tell you how to change water for Rajah Cichlasoma.

    One is that the water exchange of Rajah Cichlasoma, whether in pearl or gold flower, must be regular. Second, no matter how to change the water, the water change method should be correct. When changing part of the water, the main purpose is to absorb the impurities at the bottom of the box and the feces and other excrement of the fish. The action should be light, and the fish should not be disturbed, so that its state will be affected.

    Third, when pouring in new water, do not wash the water into the fish body, so as not to cause the fish to catch cold and get hurt. Water should be added slowly along the cylinder wall.

    Fourthly, once the water quality in the tank deteriorates, the aquarium needs to be completely changed and disinfected, and the new water must be fresh fed. In addition to these, we should pay attention to the temperature difference of tilapia, and keep the new water temperature 1-2 degrees higher than the original water when changing water. The water temperature difference is too large, which is very easy to cause the disease and death of young fish.

    At the same time, different strains have different preferences for water. First of all, the arhat of Pearl series need to change water less frequently, 1 / 4 of which is changed every three days, because they like the stimulation of new water and induce state. Generally, 1 / 4 of water is changed every ten days to keep the pH value of water stable. Finally, I want to tell you that no matter how to change the water for Rajah Cichlasoma, it is to make the fish live a better life. However, if there is anorexia after changing the water, please don’t worry too much, because this is a normal physiological reaction.

    As long as we reduce the amount of bait or stop eating for one day within 1-2 days after water change, the fish will return to normal. Otherwise, it is easy to have excessive fish food, cause water putrefaction, and make the fish sick.

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