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    The small fish tank is convenient to place at home, and has a unique shape. It is widely respected by aquarium enthusiasts. Of course, small fish tanks should also pay attention to the cleaning of daily breeding, such as changing water and maintaining water quality. This is an important part. The method and time must be paid attention to when changing the water.

    When does it need to change water

    1. When the water in your fish tank appears turbid, white, yellow and green. The above reasons are due to the excessively long time, the water quality becomes acidic or the content of organic matter is too high, which causes the water body to be rich in phosphorus and nitrogen.
    2. When you can’t filter out the feces of fish by filtration. When the fish moves close to the bottom of the tank, the feces will dance with the fish, which is really not beautiful!
    3. If you are raising pearls or silver dragons in Luohanli, there is no reason to change the water! Because your fish like it.

    How to choose the changed water

    1. This is of course related to your fish: For example, if you are raising Rajah Cichlasoma or angelfish and other fish, it is better to contain less organic salt in the water. If you have the money to purchase a set of water purification equipment, your fish will be blessed. If you don’t want to spend so much money, you can also use buckets of pure water when changing water.

    2. If you keep a pearl-like arhat or black mary or a silver drum or silver arowana, it’s easy. Normal tap water is enough. Of course, you can add some salt. Because they like hard water.

    Of course, if you want to raise fish in a small fish tank, first of all you have to have a suitable small fish tank, suitable for office, living room, bedroom and other places. It is made of car-grade float glass, high definition, perfect double arc shape , The visual effect is better.

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