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    Dogs can’t be born with everything just like us. They also need to grow up in training and education. Some owners always complain that they don’t teach their dogs well because we don’t use the right method. Dogs can’t speak, so we can’t communicate through language, but that doesn’t mean dogs can’t understand us. How to learn to “chat” with dogs is also a very important part of dog breeding.

    In fact, there is a very obvious problem that some dog owners and some non dog owners are easy to have conflicts. A large part of the reason is that the dog owners have a quarrel because they make trouble by managing their dogs. A lot of this is not because the owners don’t want to teach the dogs well, but because they don’t know how to teach them well. So we need to understand the behavior and language of dogs as much as possible, and we should train dogs from a young age. For example, when barking is a problem, dog owners need to understand whether barking is caused by dogs’ inborn love of barking, feeling lonely or crying because of illness and pain before they can carry out corresponding training and handling. This is not only responsible for the healthy growth of your pet, but also for others and society. Only in this way can we create a good space for people and animals to get along harmoniously. The most common problems of dogs are jumping, barking, destroying and biting. Most of these behaviors are caused by the lack of good behavior training. There are many reasons for a dog to bite.

    Generally, it is through biting to understand its environment. Dogs can also bite when they are upset or depressed, and they can also bite when they are isolated and cause discomfort. Biting can also help puppies develop jaw strength. The same gnawing may be a way for them to “train their mind” and a happy activity. To solve this problem, first pay attention to observe what the dog is biting and when it will bite, which will help you find a solution to the problem.

    Barking may be just to attract attention. We can spray bitter things on things chewed by dogs, or teach dogs that they don’t want to chew. After a long time, the dog won’t bite these things again. Of course, using toys to distract their attention is also a good way. And some dogs are very easy to bark, they will bark when they feel uneasy in isolation and excessively dependent on the owner; some dogs will think that barking is an effective way to attract people’s attention; some dogs barking because they will be rewarded; others, if the dogs do not get enough psychological and physical stimulation, they will find their own way of entertainment, such as barking at the leaves and shadows; Dogs bark when they have pain or physical problems. For these cases, in addition to the barking caused by disease and pain, the best way to solve the barking is to ignore it. After a period of boredom, the dog will stop barking.

    To solve the bad behavior, we must use the right method. Of course, we must first find out the causes of these problems, or blindly solve the problems, and in the end, it is only in vain. So it’s better not to deal with the dog in a disorderly way before you know the right way. The wrong way may backfire and make the original problem worse.

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