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    For dogs, whether it is a short haired dog or a long haired dog, it is necessary to comb the coat. Combing the coat can not only help to clean the hair and remove the dirt, but also accelerate the blood circulation, which is of great benefit to the body. Of course, since we need to comb, we must have appropriate tools, and pay more attention to the selection of combs. Let’s talk about how to choose a comb for dogs.

    1. If it is used for dogs with smooth coat and short hair, such as Doberman, Dachun, Greyhound and other dogs, you can choose a flat comb, because the hair of this comb is flat, so it will not scratch the skin in the process of combing.

    2. Second, if it is a long haired silk dog combing hair, such as Yorkshire, Pomeranian, malsky and so on, you can try to choose a nail comb with a sharp and dense comb. Because the long haired dog has a dense hair and is easy to knot, it is easy to comb with this kind of comb with a dense arrangement.

    3. Third, if it is to comb the hair of short haired dogs, such as Weima hound, bulldog, Beagle, bagidu, etc., you can choose to shave brush, bristle brush, comb, etc. We need to treat different dogs differently. Only by “taking the right medicine” can we deal with them well. Choosing the right comb may be twice the result with half the effort when you help them comb. A proper comb can help you get more experience when you help them sort out their quilts.

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