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    The dog clothes can be loose, dog clothes are mainly used to keep warm and beautiful. Generally speaking, the most time to wear is in winter, which is relatively less in other seasons. Because of the different styles and uses, there is a certain emphasis on how to choose the dog’s clothes.
    1. Keeping warm if it’s for keeping warm, it’s natural to choose relatively thick clothes. In addition, dog clothes are divided into two types, including two front feet and four limbs. If it’s winter, it’s recommended to choose the clothes that cover the four limbs, so it’s relatively warmer. And it’s not easy to blow clothes up if there’s a wind.
    2. Sunscreen. In summer, many owners will shave the dog’s hair, but this will also make the skin directly exposed to the sun. In this case, you can choose light clothes, which can be properly isolated from the sun. But generally no owner will walk the dog when the sun is strong. If it is at night, clothes can also play a role in blocking mosquito bites. At this time, you can choose the kind of clothes that cover two forefeet relatively comfortable.
    3. When choosing clothes, try to choose something a little looser. On the one hand, it is to avoid that the dog will feel uncomfortable if the clothes are too tight. On the other hand, when the dog is in motion, the coat will definitely rub against the dog, and if it is too tight, the dog will knot more easily. However, no matter what kind of clothes the owner should not neglect to help the dog comb the coat in time, and the clothes should be cleaned in time to avoid breeding bacteria.

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