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    Belgian shepherd dog is beautiful, strong and muscular. Warm and energetic personality. Loyal to the owner, aggressive to strangers occasionally, very sensitive to stimulation, very alert. For those who want to keep Belgian shepherd dogs, please refer to the following.
    1. Observe the head of the Belgian Shepherd Dog. If you want to select a better Belgian shepherd dog, you should first observe the head of the dog, usually the eyes of the Belgian shepherd dog are brown or dark brown, and the size is also about medium, and the eyes of the dog will not protrude, the ears are triangle, and the proportion of the dog’s head will be non It is often appropriate that the outside of the ear is not lower than the center line of the eye, and that the ears of a Belgian Shepherd Do not droop like a hound. Belgian Shepherd’s head is especially flat, not round, and the width and length are basically the same. The dog’s muzzle is a little bit sharp, just like being cut off. The contour and head are also parallel. The nose is a little black without any fading and stains.
    2. Height and weight of Belgian shepherd dogs. You can also select Belgian shepherd dogs by height and weight. For example, the height of male Belgian shepherd dogs is usually 61-66cm, while the height of female Belgian shepherd dogs is 56-61cm. At the same time, the weight of Belgian shepherd dogs is very different between male and female Sex is usually 25 to 30 kg, while females are 20 to 25 kg. Observing the body and length of the Belgian shepherd dog, we can see that the female may be slightly longer than the male. From the side, the back line, front and rear legs of the Belgian shepherd dog will be square. The distance between the sternum and buttocks will also be approximately equal to the shoulder height.
    3. The overall observation of the Belgian Shepherd Dog. The overall observation of the Belgian shepherd dog will find that the body and body shape are particularly symmetrical, the dog’s limbs are very long and thin, and the muscles will be particularly developed, the leg bones of the Belgian shepherd dog are not round, generally oval. The dog’s claws are also round and closely connected. The nail color of the toes is usually some black. Of course, the dog’s toes are white, so the nails are also white. The overall impression of the Belgian shepherd dog to friends is usually a square proportion of the dog, and the dog is always a state of vigilance, at the same time, the impression of the male Belgian shepherd dog is usually much deeper than that of the female. When choosing Belgian shepherd dogs, you can choose according to the above ways and methods.

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