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    Samoyed dog is an indispensable friend of human beings. Samoyed dog is also loved by the public. It is gradually approaching human life. But nowadays, many people who love Samoye price dogs don’t know how to distinguish them, so they are easy to be cheated. They often buy dogs with low quality through high price, which makes their owners very upset. Therefore, we teach you how to choose Samoye correctly.

    Mouth: the length and width of the snout are medium, and the snout becomes thinner from the root of the nose to the tip of the nose. The snout has a certain thickness. Most of the lips are black, and the corners of the mouth are cocked up, like smiling. Teeth strong, scissor bite. If your Samoa’s teeth are either the upper jaw protrusion bite or the lower jaw protrusion bite, it is a defect. Don’t pick a Samoyed dog like this.

    Ears: The vertical ears of Samoyed dogs (detailed introduction) are very thick, triangular, with slightly round tips. The two ears are relatively open, but the ear roots are within the edge of the head. The activity of the ear is good. There are hairs in the ear. The hairs in front of the ear are many and upright. The length of the ear is equal to the distance from the inner base of the ear to the outer corner of the eye. Good samoyes have small, erect ears, rounded ends and can move.

    3. Eyes: dark color is better. The two eyes are sunken, large in distance, almond shaped, and the lower eyelid inclines to the base of the ear. It is better to have a deep color on the edge of the eyes. Round eyes, blue eyes and over protruding eyes are not up to the standard. The position is relatively open and deep; almond shaped; the lower eyelid points to the ear root. Dark circles are ideal. Round or protruding eyes are defects; blue eyes are disqualifications.

    4. Nose: Color is black, brown, liver brown, black is the best. The color of the nose sometimes changes with age and climate.

    5. Neck: Samoyed dogs have strong neck, full muscles, and a beautiful arched neck.

    6. Chest: Deep, the side of the extended rib is flat, so that the forelegs and shoulders can move freely. From the back, when the dog stands naturally, its hind legs are parallel. The two forelimbs are parallel and straight. Strong forefoot. Because the chest is deep, the dog has long forelegs. The Samoyed dog has a strong waist and a slightly arched shape.

    7. Back: Straight, medium length, full muscle. The body proportion is approximately square, the abdominal muscles are not loose, and should be tightened upward. The buttocks are plump, slightly inclined, and naturally connected with the root of the tail.

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