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    When the dog grows to a certain stage, it will start to chew furniture and molars for teeth replacement. Parents should buy molars for the dog, so how to choose the dog’s biting glue and molars?

    1. Selection of dog bite glue and molar bone. First, let’s talk about the problems that should be paid attention to when selecting dog bite glue and molar bone for dogs. We don’t need to talk about the size. It’s inconvenient for too big dogs to eat, and it’s easy for too small dogs to swallow the whole dog. Like the dog’s food, it will block the dog’s esophagus. What’s more, the hardness is the problem. Although the dog’s teeth are hard, its gums are full of flesh. If you choose hard dog chew glue and molars, you will find that the dog’s obsession with them can make them chew and chew without any consideration. Sometimes, the gums are still chewed after burping and bleeding.

    2. Dogs should pay attention when they chew the dog glue and molars. Dogs are quiet when they chew the dog glue and molars, and they won’t pester you to play with you, but you can’t relax, and you should not often look at it. If the above mentioned chewing gums are bleeding, don’t let it chew, at least let it rest and chew again, so as to avoid too much damage to gums. The other is to confiscate this good thing when the dog eats a small piece of gum and molars, because it may not chew well and choose to swallow it directly.

    3. White dogs don’t buy colored Dog Chew glue. If it’s a white dog, pay attention not to choose colored Dog Chew glue and molars: This is an experience, my family should be white hair, I bought a red molars a few days ago, people use two front paws to hold and chew, and then two front legs are red, which is not easy to wash off.

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