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    When you are passionate and intelligent, and decide to raise a poodle, the next problem is how to choose a good poodle. This paper briefly introduces the following points that should be paid attention to when choosing poodle:

    1. Poodle has a very high demand for hair, so we should pay special attention to three aspects of hair color, hair quantity and hair quality.

    2. The teeth should be neat, firm and scissor like!

    3. Almond eye (bean eye), not big and round.

    4. Back should be short and straight, shoulders should be strong and inclined.

    5. Ears should be round, as long as cheeks. Be careful when the ears of puppies are too long as Cocker!

    6. The tail is vertical and broken 1 / 3 to 1 / 2, not full broken.

    7. Toes should be round and compact, not too long or too thin, and foot pads should be thick. Too large soles indicate possible large body shape in the future.

    8. its gait should be elegant and elegant.

    9. pigments: coffee and Apricot Baby allow pig liver nose, eyeliner, lip line, eyes amber. Other colors of poodle are black nose, eyeliner, lip line, eye brown.

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