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    Like people, dogs have staple food and snacks, which will play a great role in dog training, but when they eat more snacks, dogs will suffer from anorexia, pickiness and other symptoms, so there is a lot of knowledge for dogs to eat snacks. Following will introduce you to the selection and feeding methods of dog snacks.
    1. The method of feeding dog snacks: First, snacks can only be used as auxiliary food occasionally. In normal life, we should train dogs to have regular and regular meals. Choose suitable food for dogs, such as professional dog food, cooked meat to feed. To give a dog snacks, generally only in training, leisure and boring time to give it snacks. Second, give the dog snacks to pay attention to the right amount, and pay attention to the choice of time. In short, it’s better not to eat snacks for 1-1.5 hours before the dog’s dinner, which is easy to affect the dog’s normal appetite. And every time you give a dog snacks should be appropriate, taste that stop, do not blindly give it a large number of snacks.
    2. Tips for choosing snacks for dogs: First, choose those snacks that are really suitable for dogs. For example, dog biscuits, dog chewing gum and so on. Other human snacks or other animal snacks are not for dogs. Second, when you buy snacks, you should check the quality, shelf life, nutrient content, additives and so on. Choose fresh, healthy snacks for your dog. Third, in order to choose snacks, we should also pay attention to diversification. Don’t buy only one snack for a long time. Many snacks should be reasonably matched, so that the nutrition in the food will be more comprehensive, and a variety of snacks matching can also better maintain the appetite of the dog.

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