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    There are a variety of dog food in the market, which makes the dog owners have too much to see. How to choose a good dog food. The method is very simple, just look at the ingredients!

    Meat protein of high quality source, but it is necessary to indicate what kind of meat, such as animal meat (animal meat / meat) or poultry meat (poultrymeat / meat), which does not indicate what kind of animal meat is unacceptable (for example, indicate that chicken is the right choice).

    There should be 1 source of whole meat in the top 2 of the ingredients.

    Unprocessed whole grains, vegetables and other food materials, because unprocessed food contains more and higher quality and enzymes (processing means processing).

    High quality should contain the minimum amount: 1. Food residues, such as brewer’s rice, wheat bran Bran) and so on. Because of the low cost and low price, many cat / dog food producers will include at least one kind of grain in the dry food to reduce the cost. They should be careful to choose and not to choose the grain by-products containing many kinds of grain.

    2. Meat by-products. All meat by-products are not high-quality protein if they are the main source of protein in dog food.

    High quality dog food must Not contain:
    1. The general name of the source of oil or protein, such as animal oil. These don’t indicate what kind of animal’s fat (it should be indicated such as chicken fat, cow fat, etc.).

    2. Tartificial preservatives (BHA, BHT, ethoxyquin).

    3. Artificial pigment.

    4. Sweeters. For example, corn syrup and sucrose are used to increase the taste of poor quality food.

    5. Propylene glycol, a toxic substance, can be added to food to maintain the “moist” feeling of food.

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