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    Every dog is a piece of meat on the owner’s mind. Like a baby, every parent wants his baby to have the best food, the best toys and the best everything in the world. However, there are many kinds of pet food on the market now, which dazzles people’s eyes. There are many people on the Internet saying that the quality of all kinds of food, so what kind of food exactly , is it the best? Why do some of the same grain say it’s good and some don’t? Why do we all say good food, my baby eat, but there is no effect, or even dry hair? Here is a quick guide to help you choose the best food for your dog.

    Dog food. Where to buy: Professional pet shops, veterinarians and pet nutritionists can provide professional and independent advice for you according to the age, breed and other obvious characteristics of your dog (doctors and nutritionists will tell you why your dog should eat puppy food, why to eat milk cake when weaning, why adult dog food should not be given to puppies, why puppy food cannot be given to elderly dogs Eat, why does the dog of tooth stone want to eat the food that contains green tea polyphenol and so on a series of questions.

    Second, how to view the quality: first, check the formula table on the food package to understand the ingredients in the food. Choose chicken or other animal protein as the preferred formula, if bone meal or leftovers, do not choose, even if the protein content is increased, there is no increase in quality and absorbable protein. The whole wheat and fiber were added in the form of beet pulp to keep the nutrition balance and improve the absorption rate. Avoid using artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, and to increase palatable attractants.

    Third, find the most cost-effective dog food: the high-quality dry food will list the detailed feeding instructions according to your dog’s body shape, based on which you can calculate how many meals can be eaten per kilogram of dog food and how many meals can be eaten per bag of food. Be sure to compare the price of food according to the cost of each meal. A bag of dry food packed with 15kg may be expensive, but it can be eaten for a dog for a month or two. It’s more economical than a lot of people who like to give their dogs chicken liver every day.

    The fourth is to feed one kind of food: it’s enough to feed one kind of food with comprehensive and balanced nutrition, and it can do nothing else, as long as there is enough water. Unless you want to add food to your dog, you can add some snacks or nutrition. If your dog has gastrointestinal discomfort, it may be that there is too much food, or it is what the dog picked up on the road to eat, or other friends see the food that the dog secretly gave for fun. Therefore, unless the doctor has advice, do not think about changing food or increasing patterns. If you want to reward your dog or play with him, you can buy some special pet snacks or toys suitable for him. The water content of canned food may be as high as 80%, so it needs to be used up as soon as possible after opening. High quality dry dog food contains less than 10% moisture, is easy to use and digest, and can be kept fresh for several weeks after opening. Some words may be too real. For some businesses, please forgive me, just some practical answers. Some owners said that our dogs love chicken liver, but not others. Chicken liver is a good thing. Well, my answer is that love eating does not mean good quality. Many dogs eat chicken liver lead to vitamin A poisoning, serious imbalance of calcium and phosphorus ratio, metabolic bladder stones, etc. if you want your dogs to live a long and healthy life, please make sure to adjust your eating habits and eat healthy pet food. Some owners said they would buy the dog food sold on the Internet if they agreed.

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