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    How to choose a Greyhound? Many people like to keep a dog, but they don’t know how to choose a dog.

    Generally speaking, the price of Greyhound is determined by the color, size and other conditions. We must carefully select when purchasing. Many people choose greyhounds to catch up with their prey and take them out to play, so we must pay attention to their running speed when selecting them. We can test their speed with their prey. Greyhound has its own unique characteristics, long and straight limbs, obvious hip muscles, which can also prove that it often runs, from which we can also see its running ability.

    In addition, we can also judge from the appearance that the Greyhound’s nose is warped, and the nostril is large, the tail is long and drooping, and the end is curled up. Most of them are short hair, and they are slender because of their total running. Greyhounds have a keen insight, not to mention smell. They look friendly and are naturally obedient, which has won many people’s favor. In recent years, there are more and more greyhounds in our life.

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