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    Marine Fish are very beautiful. Its radiant appearance attracts many aquarium lovers to raise it. Moreover, there are various kinds of Marine Fish fish, and there are various varieties. Novices must be lost in these choices, and they don’t know how to do it. How to choose Marine Fish? Following will show you some tips on Marine Fish selection.

    1. Type. First of all, you must think about what kind of Marine Fish you want to raise. This can be selected according to your own preferences and economic situation, but for novices, it’s better to raise some better breeds, such as clowns, demons and so on, so-called “water trial fish”, which is easier to feed, and then slowly advance after accumulating experience.

    2. Buyer. To buy Marine Fish, you should first choose which one to buy, that is, choose a trustworthy seller. The seller has a good reputation, so it’s much less likely to choose a bad fish. It’s better to have a Marine Fish nearby. You can take it with you to buy and give some advice.

    3. Fish selection. First of all, it is recommended not to buy small fish that are just hatched for a very short time, otherwise it is difficult to adapt to the new environment and easy to die. It is also necessary to carefully observe the condition of the fish. The healthy Marine Fish has a clean and bright body surface, and can swim freely in the tank. The scales on the body surface are intact without damage, and the mouth is closed freely. When selecting fish, you can feed them to see if they are actively scrambling for food.

    Before raising fish, we must learn more about these kinds of relevant feeding experience and environment, and make preparations in advance. Fish bought back to observe the health of the fish only. Some useful experience can be accumulated by dealing with problems in time and maintaining good water quality.

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