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    We always worry about the bad ingredients such as plasticizer in the plastic things, but there are many plastic materials in the dog’s toys. How can we choose the safe and comfortable plastic toys for the dog to play with? Following will teach you four ways to choose plastic toys for dogs.

    Sniff: When selecting plastic toys for dogs, it is suggested to sniff them first. Good plastic doesn’t have any particularly unpleasant smell. If the taste of plastic toys for dogs is very strong, it is likely to be made of poor quality plastic. Such “toxic” toys are likely to damage your dog’s health.

    Second look: There are many kinds of plastic toys and various shapes. It is recommended to choose for your dog according to the variety and size of your dog. For example, if your dog is large, it is recommended not to choose too small toys to avoid being eaten by the dog by mistake. On the contrary, if the dog is small and the toy is too big, it is likely that your dog will not be able to play at all. Good toys have rounded edges and corners, and won’t peel or crack. You can choose better toys by looking more at them.

    Pinches: Good plastic toys have better elasticity. They will not be bitten when the dog is biting or playing. They are also fun to play with. Now there are some toys with noise in the market. This kind of toys are more popular with dogs, but pay attention to the safety of the toys.

    Choose of Manufacturers: If there are two kinds of toys with similar appearance, it is recommended to choose the manufacturer of the toy. Generally speaking, the product quality of the larger manufacturers is better. Although it costs more money, it is safe after all.

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