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    Dogs have a big feature is that they can sleep wherever they go, no matter under the table, in the corner or beside the sofa. Whether they choose these places casually or for a certain purpose, let’s talk about how dogs choose sleeping places and why they choose these places.

    In fact, it’s not hard for us to find that the sleeping place they choose is usually a place that can resist one side of them, rather than an empty place around them. So why do dogs like to sleep in these places? The main reason is security. Once upon a time, they lived outdoors like other beasts. They needed to worry about food every day. They also needed to be alert to the attacks of beasts. Because of this living environment, dogs also become very cautious.

    Dogs will choose to sleep in small, closed places, mainly to ensure their own safety. These places can’t be attacked by wild animals, so they can better protect their own security. So even if dogs are now pets, their cautious personality hasn’t changed. It can be seen that they choose to sleep in a place that can cover one side of them in order to better deal with emergencies. If the dog is willing to sleep at your feet, it means that they think you are safe, they think you can trust, so we should be happy for their trust.

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