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    The type of snacks you can choose according to your needs is not only a tool for communication between the owner and the dog, but also a seasoning for occasionally adjusting the taste of the dog. It can also be used as a reward tool for training dogs.
    However, in any case, the frequency of feeding snacks should not be too high, so as to avoid the dog’s bad habit of picking food. In addition, the owner should pay more attention to the choice of snacks, and try to choose snacks with higher health. Those junk food that is too useless is better to eat less. Occasionally feeding snacks can properly regulate the taste of dogs, but it is not a good habit to feed too often. Most snacks taste heavier than dog food, and dogs are more interested in this kind of food. If long-term feeding will make dogs less and less interested in dog food, this is not a good phenomenon. In the selection of snacks, it should be noted that health is the primary key.
    When purchasing, we should pay attention to observe the production date, nutrition ratio, manufacturer’s address and other relevant information, so as to provide a guarantee for dog’s health. Chicken snacks are less sensitive to dogs. The date of production and raw materials of some snacks in bulk or in simple packaging are not known. This kind of snacks must not be selected, otherwise food poisoning may occur.
    Some snacks with slightly hard texture may be more suitable for dogs. To a certain extent, these snacks can also play a role in grinding teeth, and they are also more convenient to clean up. And those rotten, soft food, easy to attach to the dog’s teeth. So after feeding, it’s better to pay attention to oral cleaning. There are many kinds of snacks, including clean teeth, nutritious snacks and ordinary snacks. The owner can choose the right snacks for the dog according to his own needs.
    Ordinary snacks, tooth cleaning snacks and molars snacks can be prepared more, which are usually more commonly used snacks. But also to control the quantity, prepare too much to eat, to the end is only a waste.

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