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    Bathing is a problem that every pet owner will encounter. Which kind of dog bath gel is used in bathing has become a headache in choosing the difficult syndrome. There are many kinds of bath gels for dogs on the market, some for a certain breed of dog, some for a certain color. How to make the right choice?
    1. Choice of bath solution in childhood: The skin of pet in childhood is tender, so you should use mild shampoo and bath solution to protect the skin of pet in childhood, which is safe and non irritating.
    2. Bath solution selection in adulthood: In adulthood, more attention is paid to hair health and care. Many bath solutions of adult cats and dogs can be used regardless of varieties, and there are more targeted choices for different kinds of hair characteristics. The color of hair can be used to choose the bath solution. For example, light dogs can choose the special bath solution for light dogs. This bath solution can effectively remove the yellow stain and restore the pet’s natural color. In addition, for golden, red and other colored dogs, you can choose the shampoo with the effect of coloring.
    3. Skin disease bath solution selection: At the same time, cats and dogs with skin sensitive symptoms and skin diseases need bath solution with medical effect. Such as flea and lice removal, mite removal, sterilization and antipruritic shampoo bath.
    4. Choice of different hairy baths: According to pet’s hairy baths, they also have different functions. For dogs and cats whose hair is dry and easy to knot, they can choose moisturizing baths. For dogs and cats who need to keep their shape, they can choose fluffy baths. For dogs with a strong body odor, they can also choose some baths A bath liquid with a certain fragrance retention effect.

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