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    1. Check the Positive Appraisal: Before buying dog ​​food, shop around and make some comparison; Consult experienced dog owner to fully understand a dog food to avoid making mistakes
    2. Investigate the company: Try to choose the manufacturer of the big company. The advantage of most big companies is that they have enough funds to hire animal nutritionists and professional veterinarians to design formulas so that ensuring the safety of dog food.
    3. Investigate the Manufacturer: You need to identify the manufacturer of the dog food you bought, otherwise you will have no idea to understand his past recalls and judges the safety of his products.
    4. Investigate Recalls of Dog Food: Food recalls can provide important clues to study the brand’s production habits. Recall Information Query (FDA): Recalls & Withdrawals.
    5. Check the Formula of Product: The ingredient list is generally on the side or back of the dog food package. You need to check them carefully to ensure the safety and sufficient nutrition for your dogs
    6. It is very important to confirm the nutrition test and understand how the company does the test to ensure that the product meets the AAFCO nutrition requirements; AAFCO: The Association of American Feed Control Officials
    7. Pay Attention to Company’s Transparency; Dog food produced by most companies now carries with QR code. By scanning the QR code, you can trace company brand information and consumer purchase evaluations.

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