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    At present, there are three kinds of dog collars on the market: Leather collars, nylon collars and iron chain collars. Among them, the leather collars are divided into flat leather collars and columnar leather collars. Different dogs may need different collars in different occasions, so how do owners choose the collars for dogs to walk?

    1. The advantage of leather collar: Flat leather collar is that it is very fit and comfortable for dogs to wear. However, due to the large contact area, it may cause hair knots on the neck of dogs during the friction process, which is not suitable for long haired dogs or dogs with easily knotted hair. The cylindrical leather collar is just the opposite. It has a small contact area with the dog, so it is not easy to cause the hair knot on the neck of the dog. However, officially for this reason, the owner only needs to pull the dog a little hard, and they will feel uncomfortable. Therefore, this collar is more suitable for training the dog. Of course, when dragging the dog, you must grasp the strength, or you may hurt the dog by mistake.

    2. Nylon collars: Although nylon collars are easy to fluff and generate static electricity in winter, this does not prevent the owner from favoring them. Because nylon collars are light and have many styles, the owner can choose a suitable collar according to the dog’s character and appearance. However, nylon collar is easy to get dirty, and the owner needs to clean it frequently. In addition, this collar is not suitable for large dogs. It seems that this kind of collar is specially designed for large dogs and super large dogs, but small dogs can also be used, because some of the collars can be hidden in the hair of the dog’s neck, which does not affect the appearance at all, and this kind of collar is not easy to damage and cause the hair knot of the dog’s neck.

    Four, one principle: No matter what kind of dog, if there is respiratory disease, the owner must not use collar for it, but use chest strap instead.

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