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    Dogs will need collars and braces when they take them out. If you like collars, how can you choose the right collars for dogs?

    To buy a suitable collar depends on your dog’s size. Big and strong dogs should easily take off the light collar and leash. Smaller dogs are not suitable for wearing heavy and wide collar and leash.

    In order to make your dog safe and comfortable to wear, the collar must fit. Choose a collar with the right length according to the width of the dog’s neck. After wearing the collar, the dog should be comfortable and can’t hold the fur. The collar should not be too tight. Here are some ways to buy the collar by finger measurement: put two fingers between the collar of the dog, and its width should not exceed the width of the two fingers, or it will easily slide out of the ear. In addition, check whether the collar on your dog makes your dog allergic or has hair loss.

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