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    Children are the top priority in a family, and for friends who like pets, pets are also their heart meat. But we know that both people and dogs have a certain degree of jealousy, so how to choose a dog that children like is a key thing, and choosing a suitable dog has many benefits for children’s future growth path. To determine what kind of dog a child is suitable for, first of all, we need to understand the character of the child. Character is a very important factor in determining which kind of dog to raise. For those dogs who are passionate, stubborn, resolute and competitive, we can’t choose those dogs with strong character. On the contrary, dogs with gentle character are good choices, such as golden retriever, Saint Bernard, etc Wait, these dogs have a good character, and have a good tolerance. This kind of dog can tolerate some of the children’s extreme behaviors and avoid some unnecessary disputes.

    Moreover, the children can learn to tolerate and forbear in the process of these dogs getting along with each other, so it is a better choice. On the contrary, for those children who are more isolated, a warm and lively dog will bring them some influence. With their driving, I believe it will bring a lot of joy to the children, and even they will be infected, and their character will become cheerful, and learn how to better communicate with others. Although children’s character has a genetic basis, but its character is still in the initial stage of formation, plasticity is very large, not immutable.

    Parents should choose the right way of parenting according to their children’s characteristics. Choosing the right pet dog is one of the best ways. A proper dog plus the parents’ correct instruction can have a great impact on their children’s character and may achieve unexpected results.

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