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    For some dogs, raincoat is a very important tool of life. Some dogs have formed the habit of going out to excrete. If they stay at home, they often choose to hold back. A short time of holding excrement and urine will not have much effect, but the dog can not excrete for a long time, which is quite harmful to the dog’s health. So it’s very important to prepare a raincoat for the dog to excrete smoothly. The main thing to pay attention to when choosing a raincoat for a dog is its style. In any case, the color and pattern of the raincoat can be selected according to your own preferences. But the effect of different styles will be different.

    Generally, there are two styles of raincoats: one is the cape type, and the other is the Raincoat that can be taken care of by four limbs.
    The advantages of the Raincoat are as follows: this kind of raincoat can cover most parts of the dog’s body, and can avoid being wet by the dog to the greatest extent. Because many owners only use towels to dry their dogs after walking them in rainy days, but this is not good for their health. Not to mention whether the dog will catch cold or not, this practice will also lead to a great increase in the probability of dogs suffering from skin diseases.
    The disadvantage of even legged Raincoat: The feet of this kind of raincoat are basically tightened, so the dog may not be comfortable when wearing it for the first time, and it will be a little uncomfortable when walking. However, this phenomenon will be much better after habit.

    The advantages of a Cape Type: It’s very convenient to wear and easy for dogs to adapt.
    Disadvantages of Cape style: The belly and limbs are exposed outside, which is easy to be wet by rain. In addition, if a strong wind blows from behind, the raincoat can be easily lifted, which will also increase the probability of the dog shower.

    According to the advantages and disadvantages of these two kinds of raincoats, it is more recommended to use the one legged raincoat. Although dogs may not adapt at first, they will adapt slowly as long as they are given a little time. In addition, pay attention to the size of the raincoat for the dog. Try to choose the looser ones and don’t buy the ones that are too tight, otherwise the dogs will feel uncomfortable. Even if you wear a multi legged raincoat, the paws and other positions of the dog will be wet, so you must blow dry the paws and the wet positions of the dog after you walk the dog.

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