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    Dog owners who like to dress their dogs will always have questions about how to wash their dog clothes. It is reminded parents that dog clothes must be washed separately from human clothes! Although dressing a dog can keep the dog warm and dirty, Following still doesn’t recommend wearing clothes all the time.

    Cleaning method of dog clothes:
    1. Cleaning must be done separately. Generally, there is not much difference between the steps of washing dog clothes and washing people’s clothes, but it should be noted that dog clothes and people’s clothes must be washed separately.

    2. Detergent laundry. You can use the detergent of human clothes to wash the clothes of dogs. If you can have a special disinfectant for pets, it will more effectively kill the parasite eggs that are easy to be contaminated by pet clothes.

    3. Clothing color protection and maintenance. If you use clothing color protection and maintenance to maintain your dog’s clothes after washing, you can not only prolong the service life of your dog’s clothes, but also maintain bright colors for a long time, making your clothes more soft.

    Basic cleaning principles of dog clothes:
    1. Clothes cleaning steps: A. Spray coat collar essence on the place with heavy stains, and wait for 10 to 15 minutes. B: Dissolve a small amount of pet specific disinfectant in the basin, and soak the clothes for more than half an hour. C: Use washing powder or milk to wash clothes normally. D: Dry the clothes thoroughly in the sun.

    2. Parasites and eggs. Dogs are running outdoors in clothes. The shed coat, scurf and grass seeds, dust and eggs of parasites are interwoven together. You can know how dirty the clothes will be.

    3. Washing clothes with pet disinfectant can not only make the clothes beautiful, but also disinfect the clothes. Therefore, when washing clothes, using pet disinfectant and drying in the sun becomes an essential step.

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