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    Compared with large and medium sized dogs, small dogs are more likely to have long ear hair. If the owner does not regularly help the dog pluck the ear hair and clean the ear canal, the probability of the dog suffering from ear mites will increase significantly. And even if there is no ear mite, if the ear canal is not cleaned for a long time, the dog will scratch the ear because of the ear itching, so it is necessary to clean the ear canal regularly.

    Operation steps:
    1. First, pour proper amount of ear plucking powder into the dog’s ear, and then gently rub the root of the dog’s ear to evenly distribute the powder in the dog’s ear. After about 30 seconds, you can start plucking the dog’s ears.
    2. Open the dog’s ears, first remove the extra outer ear hair, so that we can better observe the inner condition, and then use hemostatic forceps to slowly remove the inner ear hair. Before pulling out the ear, first drop the ear washing liquid, or directly dip the hemostatic forceps with cotton in it.
    3. After confirming that the ear hair is pulled out, start to clean the ear canal. Drop a few drops of ear washing water into the ear canal of the dog, and then gently rub the ear root of the dog. Next, clamp a small group of cotton with hemostatic forceps, fix the cotton on the left and right sides, and rotate the hemostatic forceps with the right hand, so that the cotton can be fixed on the head of the hemostatic forceps. It is better to cover the head of the hemostatic forceps completely, so as to avoid damage to the ear wall when pulling out the ear.
    4. In addition to first dropping ear washing liquid into the dog’s ears, you can also wet the cotton clamped hemostatic forceps directly in the ear washing liquid, and then pull out the ears. The depth of ear pulling can be deeper, because the dog’s ear canal is L-shaped, so we won’t poke the dog’s eardrum.
    5. If the dog’s ears are not very dirty, just wipe them with cotton dipped in ear drops for the first time, and then wipe them with dry cotton directly at the back. If they are dirty, use ear drops several times more. Generally, as long as you can’t see any dirt on the cotton, you don’t need to wipe it again.
    6. Repeat the above steps to clean the other ear. The cotton must be fixed to avoid falling into the dog’s ear canal.

    1. If the dog is afraid to pluck the ear hair, it is better to have a person to protect the dog, so as to prevent the dog from biting because of the pain.
    2. Make sure that the cotton is firmly fixed on the hemostatic forceps, or the cotton will fall into the dog’s ears, which is also a troublesome thing.

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