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    Scottish shepherd’s ears are also covered with secret hair. Its ear canal is very deep, and it is easy to accumulate grease and dust. It is easy to form earwax and produce ear mites after a long time. In daily life, the owner should regularly clean the ears of the dog, remove the earwax in the ear canal, prevent the breeding of ear mites, and protect the health of the dog’s ear canal.

    1. Cleaning the ear canal of Scottish shepherd should be done in time. For parents, it is better to ensure that the ear canal is cleaned once a week or every two weeks. Of course, if the dog is already infected with ear disease, it is best to keep it cleaned every 2-3 days.

    2. When cleaning, wrap the warm and wet towel or soft cloth on the stick, or use alcohol cotton swab or paraffin oil to help the dog clean the ears. Note that if you want to first drop the dog earwax softening detergent, you must fix the dog’s head and don’t let it shake randomly. At the same time, gently knead the dog’s ears after dripping. After the earwax softens, it can be cleaned.

    3. Clean cotton swabs can be used for cleaning. Note that the cleaning action must be gentle and slow, and at the same time, ensure that Scottish shepherd’s head can be fixed to avoid damaging the dog’s eardrum. When cleaning, the cotton swab should not go too deep into the ear canal, because it is easy to hurt the dog’s eardrum. If the Scottish shepherd’s ear canal already has signs of infection, or a smell emanates. So it’s better to send the dog to the hospital, and ask a professional beautician or pet doctor to take care of it, so as to ensure that the problem of ear diseases of Scottish shepherd dogs can be completely solved.

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