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    Every parent would like their pet dog to have a pair of bright, clear and divine eyes. As the saying goes, “the eye is the window of the soul”, the same is true of pet dogs. Scottish shepherd is a kind of pet dog with high ornamental value, of course, the most fundamental premise is that dogs must be healthy. Because, to master the eye care method of Scottish shepherd dog and ensure the dog’s health is very important.

    The first step, of course, is to prepare the relevant tools for the eyes care of Scottish shepherd dog. For example, cotton balls, eyedrops, eye wash potions (of course, some clean warm water is also OK), towels and so on. Second, hold the Collie and don’t let it move.

    Then dip a cotton ball into some eye washing liquid and gently moisten the dog’s eyes. After the eye droppings are soft (about 1 minute), gently wipe Scottish shepherd’s eyes with a cotton ball or towel. Pay attention to the single wipe when wiping, do not rub back and forth against the dog’s eyes (it is easy to hurt the dog’s eyes). When wiping, the action should be gentle and slow as much as possible. Never irritate the dog or hurt the dog’s eyes.

    The third step is to wipe the eyes of the Scottish shepherd dog, and then gently wipe the dog’s face with a clean and warm towel. In addition to the eyes around the corner of the tear marks should be timely scrubbing clean.

    Finally, after both eyes of the Scottish shepherd dog are cleaned, a few drops of eyedrops can be given to it to prevent the dog’s eyes from getting sick or inflamed. At the same time, the eyes of the Scottish shepherd dog will become clearer and brighter.

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