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    In order to provide a good living environment for fish, it is very necessary to clean the fish tank regularly. Moreover, it is not very difficult to clean the fish tank. The most important thing is that after regular cleaning, some debris is not easy to accumulate. If it is cleaned only once in a long time, these debris will become stubborn and will be troublesome to clean up.

    Before cleaning, prepare cleaning tools, prepare the amount of water we need to replace, the algae cleaning pad used to clean the glass in the tank, the large bucket dedicated to cleaning the fish tank, the simple siphon type bottom sand cleaner, if you need to replace the filter cartridge , You need to prepare filter media.

    Clean all surfaces of the fish tank with a seaweed cleaning pad. Wipe along the glass all the way, if necessary, apply a little force to remove the seaweed adhering to the fish tank. If you find residual spots that are particularly difficult to remove, you can use some hard tools to scrape them off.

    Do not use anything that may have residues of cleaning agents or cleaning chemicals. A clean algae cleaning pad for fish tanks prevents strong chemicals and detergents from entering the fish tank. The other is to determine the amount of water to be replaced. If the fish tank has been cleaned regularly and the fish are in good health, it is almost enough to change 10% to 20% of the water every week. If your fish are not healthy, you may need to change more water, at least 25% to 50%.

    Draw out the old water and clean the bottom sand. After that, it is to clean up the decorative items, then add fresh water, and check the water temperature. As for the outside of the fish tank, see the actual situation. If it is not dirty, you can put it first, and the outside can be cleaned at any time.

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