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    You should check the dog’s eyes and remove mucus and foreign matters from the corners of the eyes every day. There are often foreign bodies in the dog’s corner of the eye. Use a cotton ball soaked in warm water to gently compress the corner of the eye to remove them. Do not wipe directly with cotton, because cotton fiber may damage your eyes. The best way to wash foreign body or hair off the eyes is to use special eye fluid for dogs, such as eyebritetm or opticlea. This liquid medicine can not only clean the eyes, but also treat mild inflammation or infectious diseases.

    Raise the dog’s head slightly, open the lower eyelid and drop the human medicine solution, then use the dry cotton ball to absorb the excess medicine solution flowing to the corner of the eye. The hair around the eyes of white and light colored dogs, especially pet dogs, is often contaminated by mucus secreted by lacrimal glands. This secretion makes the hair look ugly red brown. If it is too much, it will cause black circles. Excessive tears are caused by a variety of factors: genetic allergy, neglect of facial care, lacrimal gland disease, unreasonable diet, conjunctivitis or toothache. Veterinarians can diagnose the cause of excessive tears and control it. Cleaning the eyes and hair under the eyes every day is the most effective way to control contamination. You (or a professional beautician) should cut off the contaminated hair. After the hair is cut off, wash the part with water or medicine (such as erasetarstainremoverth, diamondeyetn or tear stainremove / AQ) every day to prevent further contamination. These potions can only be used on soiled hair, not on eyes. Some dogs with large eyeballs and many lacrimal glands often shed a lot of tears from the eyes, which makes the hair under the corners of the eyes discolored, such as Pekingese dog, Chihuahua,, lady dog, etc., so the eyes of dogs should be checked frequently. When dogs suffer from some infectious diseases (such as canine distemper), especially ophthalmopathy, it often causes eyelid redness and swelling, and there is a large amount of mucus or purulent secretion in the corner of the eye.

    At this time, the eyes should be treated and nursed carefully. The method is to use 2% boric acid cotton ball (or cold boiled water) to gently wipe from the inner corner of the eye outwards. It is not allowed to wipe back and forth on the eyes. If one cotton ball is not enough, it can be replaced until the eyes are cleaned. After scrubbing, drop eye drops or ointment into the dog’s eyes to eliminate inflammation. Some dogs, such as sandskin, often have too much wrinkled skin on the head, which makes their eyelashes and pours. Pours eyelashes can stimulate the eyeball, causing blurred vision, conjunctival inflammation and turbid cornea.

    For this reason, we should ask the veterinarian to perform surgery, and cut off part of the eyelid (similar to people’s double eyelid surgery), but if the surgery is not successful, it will make the eyelid unable to cover the orbit, causing the eyeball to be exposed. The simple method is to remove the trichiasis with tweezers. The trichiasis is hereditary, so when you buy a hound, you should not only find out the pedigree, but also know whether the parents have the disadvantage of trichiasis.

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