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    When cleaning the nose and mouth, let the dog’s head slightly lower. When there is some inflammation in the nose and mouth, we can wash it properly. First of all, this is to clean up some foreign bodies to prevent infection, but also to be able to play a certain role in anti-inflammatory, to prevent the deterioration of the disease. In the cleaning process, the operation should be accurate to avoid choking or letting the dog eat the cleaning solution by mistake, which will cause adverse effects on health.
    1. Nasal lavage. For dogs, the solution can be aspirated by connecting a syringe with a milk needle. When washing, insert the sucking needle into the nasal cavity to a certain depth, hold the outer nasal wing with your fingers, and then push the inner core of the syringe to make the liquid flow into the nose, so as to achieve the purpose of washing. When washing the nose, the dog’s head should be fixed properly to make the head slightly lower. The temperature of the washing liquid should not be too high or too low to avoid stimulation to the dog. The washing solution is selected to have the functions of sterilization, disinfection and convergence. Commonly used are normal saline, 2% boric acid solution, 0.1 potassium permanganate solution and 0.1% rivanol solution. The washing liquid can be used as normal saline, boric acid solution, etc.
    2. Oral cleaning. Oral cleaning is mainly used for the treatment of stomatitis, tongue, teeth and other diseases, and sometimes for washing out foreign matters in the mouth or teeth. When cleaning the mouth, first stand the dog and hold it. The owner or the person who cleans the mouth for the dog can grasp the dog’s upper and lower jaws with one hand, and then separate them. The other hand is connected with the syringe for the milk needle, and then push the liquid to the dog’s mouth to clean the mouth. For the liquid flowing out of the mouth, the container can be used below. If you don’t mind, you can directly let it flow on the ground, and then deal with it afterwards. The washing agent can be saline, astringent or antiseptic with low concentration. Also, when cleaning the dog’s mouth, let the dog’s head drop slightly, so as not to let the washing liquid flow into the dog’s throat, causing the dog discomfort, so as to refuse to wash.
    When washing the dog, it is necessary to fix the dog’s head properly, because it is likely that the liquid will flow into the dog’s throat during the washing process. The skill of fixing the head is convenient for us to operate, and it can also prevent the dog from attacking us due to discomfort.

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