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    If you have a long hair dachshund, you will be attracted by its deep charm, so the most important thing for dachshund is to comb the hair. How should dachshund comb the hair?
    Dachshunds especially like to be with people. Although it looks very attractive on the surface, it doesn’t need and doesn’t want more pampering, and it looks stronger than on the surface. Dachshunds are the most attractive. Compared with other types, dachshunds need more care and cleaning 2-3 times a week. But this kind of cleaning work is not so annoying. You just need to arrange a fixed cleaning time and clean it carefully as usual. If a dachshund is chosen, grooming should be considered a pleasure. Long haired dachshunds need to be combed three times a week to avoid curling and tangle. Most of its hair needs to be brushed with a hard brush, while sparse areas can be treated with a comb (such as ears and feet). The hair under the armpit, elbow, belly and behind the ear is easy to curl. Do not neglect these parts when combing. After grooming, you can use scissors to clean up the dog. The hair between the toes can be cut short, and the extra hair around the feet can be cut again to make the two feet clear.

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