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    In addition to the standard and friendly “Samoye smile”, Samoye is most attractive, as well as its thick, fluffy, soft and flowing white hair. In order to keep a Samoyed dog in the best condition, you must comb it in time. So, how should samoyes comb their hair? What if samoyes don’t like combing?

    First, to comb for Samoye, you need to buy a special comb for dogs. It’s easier to sort out, and it’s more convenient and labor-saving for parents. Generally speaking, it’s a good choice to use a double bristle brush to comb your hair. Because the hair of Samoyed is thick and long, this double-layer bristle brush is suitable. The comb has antistatic nylon hard teeth in the middle and a slightly shorter boar mane around it. In the process of combing, it can not only comb off the fine dust on the hair and the naturally fallen hair, but also has certain massage effect.

    Second, you must pay attention to the method of combing Samoye. Parents can comb from the tail to the head or from the head to the tail. When carding, it should be gentle and can’t be dragged. When you encounter entangled hair, you should start from the tip of the hair and smooth the hair a little bit. When combing the sensitive parts such as the abdomen and buttocks of Samoyed, the combing action must be gentle and slow, do not hurt Samoyed, so that it is afraid of combing. If Samoye doesn’t like combing, parents should think of ways to let it slowly accept combing. Of course, it takes time.

    In daily life, you should help Samoyed relax before combing. When combing, try to be soft and slow, so that Samoyed can feel the comfort of combing. Of course, to cultivate the habit of combing in Samoa, we should start from a young age. So when she grows up, she won’t repel combing.

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