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    Golden retriever can be said to be the evergreen tree of the pet industry, which has been loved by many people since the development of the pet industry. Of course, there is a reason for this, because the dog is gentle, obedient, and quite intelligent. However, it’s not hard to find that many people have obesity in their golden retrievers, so we should pay attention to how to control the food intake of golden retrievers.

    In fact, there are two different concepts: controlling the amount of food a dog eats and controlling the amount of food a dog eats. To control the dog’s appetite is to let the dog not eat as much as he wants, but to feed the dog scientifically in a planned way. The control of dog diet means that dogs should not eat too much meat, sweets, etc. Because eating too much of these things will have a bad effect on the dog’s health. Usually dogs are greedy. They often don’t know they are full. Especially for delicious food, which it likes to eat, it will never eat enough. If you don’t control the amount of food a dog eats, it’s easy for them to suffer from indigestion because they eat too much. Cause vomiting, diarrhea and laxity.

    However, for mothers in lactation golden retriever should not control the amount of food. Because in the lactation period the dog mother needs to eat specially many, like this can guarantee the milk water sufficient. When the Golden Retriever’s mother has indigestion, we can give her some digestive drugs like lactase, but don’t give her less food. For golden retriever, the diet should be reasonable, and the feeding should follow the principle of eating less and eating more. It is better to take him out for a while to exercise regularly, so as to ensure that they have a strong physique and a healthy body.

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