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    Husky’s diet is very important for the dog’s body. For Husky’s medium-sized dog, they also eat a large amount of food, and they are lively and active. Therefore, many owners will put a lot of dog food when feeding them to prevent them from not eating enough. But eating too much is not good for them, so we need to know how to control the amount of husky.

    o control the quantity of Husky’s food is to let husky not eat as much as he wants, but to feed husky scientifically in a planned way. The control of husky diet means that husky can’t eat too much meat, sweets, etc. Because these things will have a bad effect on Husky’s body, usually dogs are very greedy, they often don’t know that they are full. Especially for what they like to eat, they will never eat enough. If we don’t control the amount of Husky’s meals, they are prone to obesity and dyspepsia due to eating too much, leading to Husky’s vomiting, diarrhea and diarrhea.

    Of course, husky, the mother of lactation, should not control the amount of food, because the mother of lactation dog needs to eat too much, so as to ensure the sufficiency of milk, and to carry out appropriate calcium supplementation to avoid postpartum wind and other situations. For the sake of their health, we must pay attention to the diet control of husky, not because they want to eat too much food, otherwise it is likely to cause obesity or other diseases, and proper diet can make them healthier.

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