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    If Teddy’s nails are too long, it’s not just a problem of scratching people. As soon as the nails are long, they will gradually bend. When the dogs walk, they will try not to let their toes touch the ground. Over time, they will have a great burden on the joints. How to cut Teddy’s nails?
    1. First put the Teddy dog in a slightly higher place, such as a chair or table. Then let the dog stand upright;
    2. After standing up, lift the Teddy dog’s paws back (Note: it’s backward, not forward, so the baby can’t see the paws). Then the dog owner aims at the fingernails to be cut and trims them, and starts with the right speed.
    3. Because Teddy baby can’t see that you are cutting your nails, so she can’t basically struggle. Don’t let out her nervous mood, and baby won’t be afraid. Before each cutting, let it smell the nail clipper and file, and get a reward for delicious snacks. Gradually, the dog’s rejection will be less and less.
    4. If Teddy’s nails are white, it’s easy to see where the bleeding line is, just cut a little beside it. If the dog’s nails are black or brown, it’s hard to see the standard distance. You’d better take it to the pet shop to find someone to trim it, and then remember the trimming method and location, and you can do it next time.

    Key points to add:
    1. If you can’t see the blood line on Teddy dog’s fingernail clearly, you can face the light or the sun, so you can see the blood vessels more easily, as long as you don’t cut the blood vessels, it’s OK.
    2. The dog owner can’t cut at first. He can go to the pet shop first and let others cut it. He can have a look next to him. He can cut it when he learns to go home.

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