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    You can’t overindulge your dog. Although you can’t get a good dog under a stick, overindulgence is also bad for your dog’s good behavior. Many bad habits are caused by the owner’s failure to correct some small bad habits in time. After these behaviors, the dog will not get any punishment, and the dog will naturally become more unscrupulous. Because dogs have no other way to contact external information, for unfamiliar things, they can only use their nose to smell, and then use their teeth to bite. If the owner does not strengthen the management, the dog will use the way of biting to contact with strange things. Such behavior is the beginning of the dog biting in the future.
    In addition, the owners ignore the dog’s behavior, which is the root cause of the dog’s aggressive behavior. Generally, when the dog is over 1 year old, his character tends to mature gradually, and “aggression” is about to evolve into “bad behavior”. The aggressive behaviors caused by superiority account for more than half of all kinds of aggressive behaviors. Because they have never been frustrated, they may also behave meaninglessly in the face of strangers, especially in the face of children. It is easy for dogs to regard themselves as leaders in their families, and other people should obey their subordinates.

    If your dog already has this kind of bad aggressive behavior, we should start from the following aspects to train it to get rid of its bad behavior.
    1. Deliberately ignore the existence of dogs. The usual way is to deliberately ignore the existence of dogs within 5-7 days. In this period of time, assuming that there is no dog at all, eat and walk as usual, deliberately do not look at it, do not pay attention to its voice. Until the dog’s attitude begins to change, you can try to make some training for the dog to obey his own command.
    2. Control food, and food related aggressive behavior, with the control of food to improve the way. Let it know that the food is what we give, not what you want to eat, so the owner should not give the dog food anytime and anywhere. Once the dog has aggressive behavior, it should take away the food immediately. After a period of training, the host can try to take the bowl, issue the “sit down” command, and then give the food to it when it does. When putting food, you can consider to put less food first. After the dog finishes eating, let him watch the owner add food. Make sure that he has enough food at any time. The owner should feed at a fixed time.
    3. Strengthen daily training, such as sitting and lying down, to let the dog understand his leadership position. When the dog performs well, he should be petted and praised accordingly. In the process of training, if the dog shows dissatisfaction, he should be criticized in time.
    4. Don’t let go too much at ordinary times. Although it’s a good thing to be tolerant, too much tolerance may be the main reason for dogs to develop bad habits. Some dogs even bite their owners. This is because their owners are usually indifferent when they do similar behaviors, so they should be criticized in time if they find bad behaviors.
    5. Try not to hit the dog as much as possible. Even if you do, it’s better to use the relevant tools of “thunder, heavy rain and small points”. Otherwise, it’s easy for the dog to have a fear of the owner, which is bad for the dog’s training.

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