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    Vomiting is a big or small problem for dogs, because there are many reasons for vomiting. The most common one is vomiting caused by dyspepsia. This kind of situation will recover by itself after a period of time. Of course, there is vomiting caused by disease. In this case, we need to take it to the hospital for examination.

    When vomiting, you need to observe the color and shape of the vomit, so that the doctor can know more clearly what happened to the dog when seeing the doctor. If the vomit is food, and you eat the food back immediately, then it will be OK. Such vomit belongs to physiological vomit, which is similar to ruminant vomit. Such vomit does not need to see the doctor.

    If the color of vomitus is transparent or white and thin, it is gastric juice, that is, gastric acid secreted by the stomach. This kind of vomitus is the longest seen in the case of acute gastritis, but if it is normal after vomitus, you can not see the doctor first, as long as you fast for 12 hours, if vomitus continues, you still need to see the doctor, because it may also be gastrointestinal obstruction of foreign bodies, etc Vomiting caused by liver or kidney problems or pancreatitis.

    If the color of vomit is yellow, yellow and green, it means that bile has been vomited out. It is usually seen that vomit of this color is to see a doctor! Because this represents a lot of conditions. In addition to the above-mentioned problems of liver, kidney and pancreas, there is also the problem of gastrointestinal ulcer! There is another condition that vomit is yellow, yellow and green, but it often occurs before eating, and After vomiting, the dog is normal all day long. This is bile vomiting syndrome. If the vomit is brown, not the color of feed or food, but the color of gastric juice is brown, it means bleeding in the stomach. The most common is gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer. So when we see a dog vomiting, we should first observe the state of the vomit and see what causes it. If we need to send it to the hospital, we can better describe the situation with the doctor and improve the cure rate of the dog.

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