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    How come the lively and lovely poodle has no spirit recently? It is likely that it is constipated. What should dog parents do with poodle’s constipated?

    Poodle is a very small, lively and intelligent dog. So now more and more people like to keep poodles. But in the process of breeding poodle, it is easy to get all kinds of basic, among which constipation is a common dog disease. Constipation, also known as constipation, is a digestive system disease, which is caused by the movement and secretion disorder of the intestine, which leads to the stagnation and dryness of the contents of the intestine and the incomplete or complete obstruction of the intestine. The disease is most common in dogs’ colon and rectum, especially in puppies, old dogs and long haired dogs. In general, the longer the constipation time of poodle dog, the more difficult it is to treat. When the constipation is serious, it may lead to dog poisoning or other secondary diseases and make the condition worse.

    In general, there are three reasons for constipation of poodle:
    1. Unscientific feeding management: for example, long-term feeding of dry food of poodle, insufficient drinking water, poodle eating human hair and foreign matters, or insufficient exercise and sudden change of feed, environment and management, etc., may cause constipation of poodle.
    2. Poodle has other related diseases: painful defecation (such as rectal polyp, proctitis, rectal stenosis, tumor, anal abscess, etc.), and constipation occurs due to the disappearance of normal defecation.
    3. Dog discomfort: disorders of defecation (such as dislocation of medullary joint, fracture of pelvis and fracture of hind limbs) can cause constipation.

    Corresponding to the causes listed above, the prevention of constipation can be started from the following aspects:
    1. Diet adjustment, try to feed easy to digest food, less dry food.
    2. Add a spoonful of honey or vegetable oil to the dog’s meal.
    3. Ensure the dog’s daily drinking water and change it at any time.
    4. Check the dog’s body regularly to ensure that the dog will not have pathological constipation.
    5. Make sure that the dog’s daily exercise can not only help the health, but also reduce the probability of constipation. If you have constipation, defecate forcefully, discharge a small amount of dry stool with mucus, or a small amount of stinky loose stool, or try to defecate but not easily, nervous, barking, and frequently review the abdomen. Then the appetite drops or abandons, the spirit is depressed. Some vomiting, obviously in a hurry, abdominal distention, bowel inflation and other phenomena must be treated, or dogs are prone to risk.

    You can often prepare some medication at home to help dogs alleviate the disease, remember to send to the doctor in time when it is serious!

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