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    Two seasons in spring and summer are the peak seasons of tourism in the four seasons of a year, and winter is a good time to visit relatives and friends. Now, the living standard has improved, and many friends like to take their dogs out on weekends and festivals or visit relatives and friends. But many dogs, like people, get carsick. What should dogs do if they get carsick? You can try the following methods.

    Let the dog get used to driving gradually:
    1. Practice on the car without starting before walking the dog every day. Let the dog sit on the copilot, you are in the driver’s seat, give him some delicious food, and talk to him. After the training, take it outside to play, let it connect the car with playing. Training lasts for a week, at least 5 times, 20 minutes each time.

    2. Carry out the above training in the car that starts but stops at the same place.

    3. Drive 50 meters slowly and stop at the busy street to make the dog get used to the noise on the street.

    4. Gradually increase the driving time and mileage, so that the dog can adapt slowly.

    Precautions for dog riding training:
    1. Force the dog to get on the train at the beginning, and he will get on after several times;

    2. The dog will certainly vomit several times in the process. Once he vomites, stop the car immediately to comfort him, and never lose his temper;

    3. There will be repetition in the process, and he cannot be anxious;

    4. The most important thing Yes, it should be tied to the place where it can’t climb to the driver and pay attention to safety;

    5. Drive slowly, slow down before turning, and don’t accelerate in the middle of turning. Keep the ventilation in the car;

    Some tips for carsick dogs to ride in the car:
    1. Eat less before the carsick dogs get on the car, so that the dogs’ stomachs are easier to be uncomfortable, and it is not easy to puke.

    2. Try to be stable in the driving process, avoid shaking and sudden braking. In the case of a long distance, stop the car after a period of time and let the dog get off the car to have a rest, which is helpful for the carsick dog.

    What kind of dog is not suitable for long-distance transportation:
    1. Dogs who have just been vaccinated and who have just driven away the worms are relatively weak and need to rest;

    2. Dogs who have just completed orthopedic surgery. In order to avoid the dog’s pain caused by bumping on the car;

    3. It’s better not to take long-distance bus for the juvenile dog, so as to avoid a big stress response.

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