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    Some novice parents do not have the experience of raising dogs, too much feeding leads to indigestion. So what should dogs do if they eat too much? Following will show you several methods. How to deal with indigestion caused by overfeeding?

    First: When the dog eats too much, parents should take the dog to exercise properly, such as walking and other light exercises. Moderate exercise is very helpful for digestion. However, parents should pay attention to avoid the dog too intense exercise, otherwise it will cause the burden on the dog’s stomach, causing gastroptosis and so on.

    Second: When the dog has been overfilled, the parents must not give the dog any food, and must not drink water. Because, if dogs eat dog food too dry, a drink of water will cause food to expand in the stomach, which is likely to cause stomach perforation.

    Third: When the dog has dyspepsia, the parents can give the dog some digestive AIDS, such as stomach nourishing and digestion tablets, such as probiotics.

    Fourth: Some dogs, if they eat too much, will vomit, which is actually a kind of physiological self-protection. Usually, when the parents cut off water and food for about three hours, the dog can vomit too much food in his stomach, which will not affect the dog’s body. At this time, parents need to pay attention to that they must not feed the dog too much food next time. If the stomach and intestines are too full for a long time, it will easily lead to gastrointestinal diseases in dogs.

    Fifth: Refuse to feed strangers. Some dogs will eat the food given by strangers when they go out after eating the dinner given by their parents. In this way, it is easy to be overfull. Therefore, parents should train their dogs to refuse to eat the food of strangers. Antifeeding training can not only prevent dogs from overfilling, but also prevent dogs from food poisoning caused by eating strangers’ food. If these five skills are not enough to relieve the dog’s fullness, and the dog will also have vomiting, and the blood and foam in the vomit will be accompanied by severe low spirited, the parents must take the dog to the hospital for examination. Because it is very likely to cause stomach perforation, intestinal perforation and other malignant diseases.

    In order to avoid the above situation, parents must feed dogs regularly and quantitatively, and take dogs for physical exercise to enhance digestion.

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