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    Labrador is a loyal and obedient dog. It is inevitable to get hurt when playing with the owner. In some cases, it is necessary to bandage the tail wound of Labrador urgently. Quick operation will avoid further bacterial infection caused by time delay! If it is too severe, it is necessary to take it to the pet hospital as soon as possible!
    Here’s how to bandage Labrador’s tail when it’s hurt!
    1. The dog’s tail is most vulnerable to being pinched by the door seam. The dog’s tail is rich in blood supply, especially when the dog shakes its tail vigorously. Disinfect the wound and cover the wound with non sticky absorbent gauze.
    2. Bandage the trunk from the tail tip. Apply absorbent gauze and wrap the coat of the tail in the bandage.
    3. When the dog wags its tail forcefully, it may break free of the bandage, thus prolonging the bleeding time. If the dog’s tail is long enough, you can fix it on the body, but not too tightly. Labrador will also be very clever when she is injured, so the owners must take good care of your Labrador.

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