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    Once dog has parvovirus disease, they will have severe vomiting, hemorrhagic enteritis, bloody stool and other symptoms. Because of the high mortality, many owners are very afraid of their own dogs will suffer from this disease.

    Infected dogs are the main source of parvovirus. Parvovirus can be found in their feces, urine and vomit. Most dogs get sick from contact with sick dogs or eating contaminated food. In general, dog parvovirus disease can be divided into two types: enteritis type and myocarditis type. Enteritis type is more common in young dogs. Sick dogs will have the symptoms of vomiting first and then diarrhea, accompanied by temperature rise. The feces of sick dogs are often like tomato juice, which has a fishy smell. Most dogs die in seven days. Because of the strong resistance of adult dogs, the condition is not so serious, and the cure rate is very high.

    Myocarditis type parvovirus disease is common in puppies. Many puppies die of sudden onset. The owner will find that the puppies have vomiting, diarrhea and temperature rise. Some puppies will also show the symptoms of dyspnea. Finally, many puppies will die of heart failure. When the dog is diagnosed with parvovirus disease, the owner should actively cooperate with the veterinarian for treatment. Some owners may have more than one dog, so you need to take the rest of your family to a pet hospital for screening. If other dogs are confirmed not to be sick, the owner shall separate the sick dog from the healthy dog. In addition, in order to completely eliminate the virus, the disinfection of household items is also necessary.

    In order to avoid the dog suffering from this disease, the owner must do a good job of vaccination, pay close attention to the dog’s every move in the process of walking the dog, and do not let them contact other dogs’ feces and vomitus. Although the disease is one of the main infectious diseases that harm the dog’s life, as long as the immunization and daily maintenance work are done well, the owner can not worry too much.

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