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    Sometimes we see dogs chasing their tails around and biting their tails, and usually their tails are accompanied by hair shedding. So what about dog tail hair? First of all, we need to find out the cause of tail hair shedding to see whether it is caused by natural causes or by diseases.

    Dog tail hair shedding may be due to the impact of normal climate change. Of course, the way to judge is very simple, that is to see if there is depilation in other parts of the dog’s body, and whether the whole body changes hair evenly. If it’s a normal physiological hair change, parents don’t need to worry about it. Just manage the daily diet and hygiene of dogs. Hair shedding from a dog’s tail can also be caused by parasites. Especially those dogs with large tails and thick hair may be infected with parasites if they do not comb and clean for a long time. Serious cases can lead to hair shedding, redness and swelling of the dog’s tail, erythema, and even festering. In order to avoid this situation, the daily health of dogs should be done in time, and grooming and bathing are also necessary.

    Dog tail hair shedding may also be due to malnutrition. For example, dogs eat little protein and too much salt. To deal with this situation, we need to start with the dog’s diet. Specify a scientific diet plan, prepare high protein, vitamins and other nutritious and balanced food to feed dogs. It can be seen that there are many reasons for dog tail hair shedding. Nutrition problems, parasitic diseases, and climate problems may cause hair shedding.

    Therefore, when the dog owner finds this situation, don’t panic, find the key to the problem, and then deal with it.

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